Mandarian Kinnow

Kinnow is a member of citrus family. Citrus family have special importance due to their distinc flavors and therapaeutic values.These are rich in vitamin C with fair amounts of vitamin A & B.
Besides this they are rich source of minerals(Calcium,phosporusa and iron). Pakistan is among the top thirteen citrus producing countries of the world. The popular varities grown in Punjab include oranges, Red Blood, Mausami, ruby Red, Jaffa, Frutier, Malta, limes and lemons.
Approximately about 60 per cent of total citrus production is comprised of mandarian being popularly know as "Kinnow". Quality wise, "Kinnow" is the most important variety.

Season Time:

Kinnow Season remains open every year from November 15, to April 15.


Harvesting, Sorting, Sweet & Treated Water Washing, Drying, Waxing, Grading, Packing / Packaging, Pre - Cooling are the most common processes which are being practiced

Size and Packing:

Kinnow grain size consist on 55mm to 90mm which can be distributed in 8 different grades further can be packed in 06,08,10 & 13kg Export Worthy, Food graded Corrugated Cartons

Pakistan kinoow nutrional composition:

Acidity(%) 01.11
Juice Content 47.50
Non-reducing Sugars(%) 06.09
Reducing Sugars(%) 04.22
Total Soluble Solids(%) 12.74
Total Sugars(%) 10.92
Vitamin - C(mg/100gm) 20.29

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