Fresh Potatoes

Quality Criteria:

The Commercialization of Pakistan Origin Potatoes are respecting the most acceptable rules worldwide according to which basic quality criteria for export processing are assessed as Disease Free, Coloration, Firmness, Skin Maturity, Minimum Weight & Diameter, Packing Material Disinfested, Product Carrying Container Disinfected


Harvesting Season starting from December - March every year. Availability round the year subject to availability of Good Quality Produce.


Potatoes of Pakistan Origin, Farm Fresh, Sorted, Cleaned. Unwashed/Washed, Pre-Cooled, Shelf Life 02 to 10 Months Approx. Storage Temperature maximum self-life: +04 to +08 C Degree Celsius.


Net, Jute, Paper, PP Bags available in 5, 10, 20, 25 Kg Packing.

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